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Curenta is a digital healthcare startup that is smoothing long-term care operations, especially medication management and medical consultations. We are an ultra-growth startup, based in California, USA. We are looking for talents who are go-getters, self-driven, and comfortable with multi-tasking while enjoying the vibes of doubling the business every month.

Curenta brings visibility into the workflow from order submission through delivery. Curenta is designed to help nurses keep track of their patients' prescriptions. It ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the medication ordering process. The platform makes it possible to have real-time visibility into the status of each order and alerts nurses/pharmacists as soon as they are received. This significantly reduces prescription errors, improves patient care, increases productivity, and saves nurses precious time.

Curenta app is currently used by over 1,000 healthcare professionals across multiple specialties including Nursing Homes, Hospice agencies, Infusion Centers, Rehab Centers, Pediatrics, OBGYNs, Psychiatry, and more serving thousands of patients!!

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